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media studio

Our studio specializes in moving images.

We support and realize films and new media projects at every production stage.

Focusing on high aesthetic quality and effective communication,

we create professional and exciting content.

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media studio

Since 2010 we have completed a variety of productions in Greece, the Balkans, the rest of Europe, and parts of Western Asia. In 2020 we opened a studio in Thessaloniki (GR), specializing in moving images and researching new technologies and the future of filmmaking. We support and realize media productions at every stage, surrounded by a team of highly skilled professionals. Focusing on high aesthetic quality and effective communication, we create fresh and exciting content according to the needs of each project, treating them as our own personal works. We develop relationships with our partners and work closely together towards their vision.

creative services


From a crazy idea to the paper and to the big screen

we work together with you towards the realization of your vision. Involved in fiction and documentary projects worldwide since 2010, we support and troubleshoot films at every production stage in collaboration with additional professional studios and teams.


Express Experiment and Enjoy with Unique Visuals





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Creative Content for Social Media Platforms

Engage with your Audience with Short Clips and Promotions in Stories and Posts




Promotion and Documentation of Cultural Events with Live Streaming





360 | Virtual Tours | DRONE

Location Scouting and 360 Virtual Tours to cover for location management and real estate exposure




3D Assets Creation with Photogrammetry

we recreate photorealistic environments, objects, and subjects for further study and usage in Virtual Spaces like Game Design and Virtual Cinematography




Looking for an innovative way to engage with your visitors in physical locations? Install interactive stations with automation and sensors that can be activated when someone is near, triggering videos, sound, and lights.





Fine Art Photography and Photogrammetry

Custom Artworks




Custom Educational Programs

with Photography, Video, and New Media

with a focus in Media Literacy



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Do you have an idea you want to talk about or a question about our approach?

Write to us or pop by PHĒNO_space for imaginative arts practices.

A brainstorming room in the center of Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki – Raktivan 6






hallucinating media and war crimes

A documentary film based on the archives of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the local courts of the region that dealt with war crimes that were committed during the Yugoslav wars from 1991 to 2001, and the relevant media reports of the time. It focuses on the events that took place around the fall of Vukovar in November 1991. Through a juxtaposition of court and news media narratives of the time, with reenactments and archival footage, it aims to investigate the role of media as a propaganda tool from its respective initiators and their agendas, as well as the intertemporal dangers of mis- and disinformation.

a film by PHĒNO

funded by BIRN

Croatia, Greece, 2019-2020


Promotional videos and Documentation of the “Verschwindenden Wand”

for Goethe Institut Athens

Thessaloniki, Greece, 2020


Video Presentations and Interviews of the architectural offices

Urban Soul Project

TAKA + partners

Makridis Associates

for Open House Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Greece, 2020


PHĒNO created the artwork for the vinyl cover of the album Phrases by Eventless Plot, produced by Goethe-Institut Athen.
Phrases is a musical score by Eventless Plot and is based on various quotes from European and global culture which formed an integral part of the interactive installation “Disappearing Wall” in the form of wooden blocks that visitors could take home with them.
In our approach to create the artwork for the vinyl cover, we stood on the idea of communication, that the installation is also attempting. We arrived through our research on the sign language’s visual gesture symbolizing communication and worked from there experimenting with stature, props, clothing, lighting, and other ideas. The final approach included the writing of quotes on the model’s hand and placing a wooden block from the “Disappearing Wall”, reenacting the sign of communication in combination with the gesture of exchange. When we finalized the image as the basis of our concept, we continued by creating a 3D capture of it through photogrammetry. A layer of it was then captured in what looks like a point cloud abstraction of the original idea. This level of abstraction we found necessary for the experimental approach of Eventless Plot towards their musical score, which is full of fragmented poetic verbal and nonverbal sounds. The artwork spreads on all four sides of the vinyl sleeve as it unfolds, recreating the movement of the hands it hosts.

Thessaloniki, Greece, 2020


Music video clip for Iheomy Zezuri 

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2018


A documentary project. In 2011 Georgian president Saakashvili announces LAZIKA, a new city with a deep port near the border with Abkhazia. Reestablishing the Silk Road, it would also host and create jobs for part of the 250.000 Internally Displaced Persons, after the Georgian Civil Wars. The residents of Anaklia discuss their individual and collective perspectives around the ongoing/halted construction of a new port in their region, through the memory of their struggles so far.

Anaklia, Georgia, 2017-2019


Hybrid interactive film. It is a cinematic exploration of the two realities between the desert and the city. A city symphony wrapped around the mysterious relationship of two women.

It is presented as a film installation where the two films are projected on the two opposite sides of one screen in the middle of the room. The viewer can walk around the screen, each time watching only one of them. Additionally, the film is presented as an interactive web film on a browser. The users can edit live the film while watching it by transitioning through the two locations and realities, the city and the desert. resulting always in a new version of the film.

Tehran-Kashan, Iran, 2015

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